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#141 - Interview with Faith Titus, CEO e Wealth Atlantic

December 17, 2018

Greetings lovelies! We are preparing for the holidays, so today we will not do the traditional Monday Neal and Nathan episode. Instead we present you with an interview Nathan conducted with Faith Titus, on his recent trip to Nigeria.

Faith is the CEO of e Wealth Atlantic, a blockchain and crypto training organization, and cofounder of the Blockchain Nigeria User Group which boasts over 5000 members. Nigeria is arguably the most important country for African economic development, and there is a lively blockchain and crypto scene there.  

Faith knows the potential of blockchain and crypto personally and at the same time sees the traditional challenges of crypto (trust, investment, regulatory security) amplified in the Nigerian context.  We spoke in Abeokuta at the Obasanjo Presidential Library in November 2018.

We hope you enjoy the episode!


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