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#173 - Interview with Jag Singh of Vid.Camera

May 16, 2019

It's been a while since we've spoken with a decentralized, utility-token-driven project on the show, but with the recent crypto spike, now is the time to start looking at exciting new projects!


Jag Singh is the cofounder of Vid.Camera, a blockchain powered system looking to compete with YouTube with an open source algorithm and decentralized revenue sharing. We got to go in-depth into the platform and some of the considerations they had with their incentive models, their front-end app design, and what people really are looking for in a video sharing system.

Ambitious startups have had the social media giants in their sights for years, hoping to disrupt them, but none have been successful before now.  Will adding blockchain change the story?  Will the users care enough about self-sovereign data to make the leap to Vid?  




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