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#159 - Bitbond Does an STO

February 28, 2019

Time for a walk down memory lane!  


One of our first guests on Analysis in Chains was Radoslav Albrecht, CEO of Bitbond, one of the most established blockchain company in the Berlin scene, giving small business loans using Bitcoin. Bitbond are now gearing up for an STO, creating a tokenized bond that investors can purchase, and so we brought him back on the show to talk about his experience.

Security tokens are widely expected to be the next big thing in crypto because they can allow companies to create highly liquid versions of equity, bonds, and other financial instruments, however they come with a host of regulatory challenges and requirements that utility tokens did not face.  Will they live up to the hype?  Are the requirements reasonable for a startup to meet?  And if they are successful, will blockchain become more corporate and drift away from the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto?  Today we chat with Radoslav all about that.



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