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#55 - Interview with Chris Housser, COO of Polymath

January 31, 2018

This week, Nathan interviews Chris Housser the COO of Polymath.

Polymath create a KYC platform for securities and accreditied investors. They aim to facilate the process to bring securities to the blockchain world and allow investors to participate in offerings in a compliant manner.

Bloomberg on Polymath:

"If a platform like Polymath gains steam, it could magnify the consequences of the booming world of token sales, which has spurred the rise of more than 800 coins. The digital fundraisers have given entrepreneurs greater access to capital and opened the tech-startup scene to a broader investor base, while also providing plenty of opportunities for fraud. The ease at which companies could issue tokens has the potential to raise the already high levels of skepticism surrounding the offerings."

Polymath Website: 

Bloomberg article on Polymath:


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